The Challenge

The Adobe x MTV Creative Jam challenge was to design a mobile app that empowers an individual to encourage advocacy among their network by sharing. Tie the sharing to a cultural event or historic movement important to them and give them tools encouraging donations, volunteerism, and action.

Practice empathy by targeting a persona/audience outside of your own. Features may include additional elements that enhance the core purpose: collaboration, timed events, messaging, playlist discovery, real-time discussion groups, social media sharing, group timelines, challenges, etc.


UX/UI Design
Usability Testing


Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator


“Open” is an app that encourages advocacy through multimedia created by Black Indigenous People of Color all while allowing open, safe discussions. The app appeals to the thinkers of the new generation. Users can listen to our library of podcasts all by Black Indigenous People of Color and learn more about all things advocacy. Users can also listen to the newest songs by BIPOC artists with your different activist hosts, all the time! Open’s most exciting “Discussion” feature allows users to have open conversations with friends or new thinkers on social advocacy topics. Only one participant can talk at a time, and everyone else listens. Every radio show, podcast and discussion ends with ways in which you can do more, whether it’s registering to vote or donating to an important cause. Open encourages you to do more, learn more, and to take action by providing you with the resources.

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