Enhancing Protection in Online Dating

The Challenge
You are a team of Product Managers and Designers who are shocked to learn about this scam occurring despite TD’s various cybersecurity mechanisms. You learnt that there are a lot of victims like Raymond that face Romance Scams, and that they are increasing in popularity along with the increased use of both dating apps and e transfers!

Now, it is up to you to create a prototype that works to  prevent vulnerable populations from falling for Romance Scams. This solution can be an app, extension, interface, or anything you think would be effective— including targeting bank training policies or even introducing friction in money transfer processes. Consider factors such as education, existing app functionality, and the role the bank played in the story.

*This project was created with Western Founder Network's 2022 Product Design Sprint.
Turnaround time: 12 hours.


UX Designer
Product Designer


Figma Jam
‍Adobe Illustrator

Welcome to the new and improved “OurTime” dating app, which ensures safety and protection for all its users.

User Story and Brainstorming

Step 3: Highlight any Actions, Experiences, Opportunities and Pain Points during a Customer‘s Journey

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