About Me


I am an Afghan-Muslim web designer + developer based in Vancouver, BC. I have a passion for creating digital experiences that are seamless, through code and design. I enjoy using my skillset to creating useful and effective products that make life easier.

I am currently studying in my fourth year of computer science with a specialization in digital communication at the University of Western, Ontario. Throughout my tech and design journey, I have participated in five hackathons and four designathons, with more to come. Currently, I am currently a web designer at Geeks on the Beach and a UX Designer at ProProjects. In my career experience, I have dabbled in all mediums, from organic SEO development and social media marketing campaigns to prototyping the mayor's website and designing billboards for universities.

When I'm not creating meaningful product experiences, I am most likely café hopping, binge-watching a dry humor show, or strolling through downtown Vancouver with my friends.

Got a project in mind? Let's make something awesome together.