concord greenhouse
In the dynamic realm of real estate development, Concord Greenhouse emerges as the illustrious "Ferrari" within Concord Pacific's esteemed portfolio of property projects. Distinct from its static and mundane counterparts, the Concord Greenhouse website was meticulously designed to radiate innovation and allure. Using Webflow, I guided the project from initial wireframe to polished design. Collaborating closely with the marketing team, I crafted a brand style that exudes simplicity and sophistication. Speed and functionality were paramount, ensuring smooth user experiences. Moreover, I collaborated with the development team to seamlessly integrate webhooks, linking the registration form to the presale application for sales agents. Through a fusion of animations, parallax effects, and an array of unique components — including a fullscreen menu and engaging hover effects — I endeavored to ensure that Concord Greenhouse would not only captivate but also redefine the digital landscape of property marketing.
UX/UI Designer
Frontend Developer
addressing the challenges
-> Distinctive yet User-Friendly: Balancing standout design elements with an intuitive interface, ensuring uniqueness without sacrificing usability

-> Seamless Animations: Integrating animations and parallax effects harmoniously, enhancing visual appeal without compromising performance

-> Innovative Components: Designing and implementing standout features like the fullscreen menu and engaging hover effects while maintaining cross-device functionality

-> Responsive Design: Adapting dynamic elements for various devices, guaranteeing an optimal experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones

-> Consistency and Accessibility: Ensuring a cohesive experience while adhering to accessibility standards, making the website inclusive for all users